Our Story

Great foods can nourish mind, body and soul. They can help reduce health risks and positively impact a person’s life, creating a healthier, happier world. Just ask Zack and his Dad!

pictures of Zack and his father Mark

As a young child in 1998, Mark’s son Zack was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. With Zack’s heightened sense of taste and smell, it was a daily challenge to get him to eat nutritious foods.

Zack Snacks were born when Mark, a food industry entrepreneur, set out to create a nutritional snack that his son would enjoy eating.

Starting with simply Omega Rounds, Zack Snacks has grown to offer a variety of healthful snacks that both kids and adults enjoy.

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Zack Snacks are products of Snap Foods International, LLC, a minority-owned company in Jacksonville, Florida, that is committed to providing foods that are simple, natural and always pure (snap).

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